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  • 贵州-铜仁-水上明珠高档小区
  • 安徽-六安-御璟园住宅小区
  • 广西南宁天健世纪花园
  • 江西吉安环湖湾小区
  • 重庆-万州-天水怡景售楼部
  • 辽宁丹东斯维登渡假酒店
  • 江西萍乡CBD润达国际
  • 北京永清售楼处
  • 四川-攀枝花-元谋酒店
  • 新疆伊宁美景大酒店
  • 新疆伊宁亚欧国际大厦
  • 长江沿岸照明
  • 长江沿岸照明
  • 长江沿岸照明
  • 山东蓬莱戚继光故里
  • 山东滨州魏集古村
  • 北京圆明园正觉寺亮化
  • 福建亳州薛阁塔
  • 贵州-黔南-荔波县邓恩铭故居
  • 云南丽江古城
  • 江西南昌城运会互通立交
  • 江西南昌八一广场景观照明光源
  • 城市道路照明
  • 城市道路照明
  • 城市道路照明
  • 城市道路照明


Engineering cases
Focus on night lighting lighting, you deserve!

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Guangdong kongming core lighting lighting co., LTD is located in "hometown of overseas Chinese" - guangdong jiangmen, the company subordinate Taiwan kongming photoelectric group, is one of the world in the field of engineering, lighting, decoration and designs city-lighting 6 s production and marketing of integrated enterprise specialized in high quality.

Guangdong kongming core light lighting co., LTD. Is committed to the development of domestic lighting project in jiangmen, guangdong province, introducing advanced equipment and perfect management system. Group company has passed 3 c certification, European CE, ROSH certification, GS, UL certification and ISO9001-2000 international system certification and so on a series of high-quality product testing through the global scope ...

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